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PACA 19th Annual Conference

New York, Oct. 19-21


Hundreds of delegates from many corners of the world descended upon New York City for the 19th Annual PACA/DMLA Conference. Representatives from all aspects of the licensing trade spent two full days from early morning into the late evening networking, attending sessions, trading business tips and reconnecting with clients, customers and content providers, pausing only for a few great meals.

Sarah Fix, PACA/DMLA President said in opening the conference, “Our goals in the coming year focus on expanding benefits, while continuing to evangelize our core principles; education, networking and legal advocacy.  We are committed to providing new business leads for our members.”  

An exciting element to kickoff the conference was the official announcement of the DMLA brand roll-out from Karen DSilva, PACA Marketing Committee. Look for more announcements as we move through the next few months.

Monday morning keynote was an eye-opener from Anna Roth of Bing on the subject of “Copyright in the age of Big Data and the Ever-Evolving Internet.”  Search surely isn’t what you think it is any more.  Sessions throughout the next two days would prove her point.  Using Bing as an example, Anna spoke of known-item search (the way we search today) and search as background (the way we’ll search in the future).  Systems are in place now to help us “understand the real world through entity understanding, relationship understanding and actions.”

The first panel of the day was moderated by Rick Leckrone with participants John Frankel of ffVC, Andy Yang from and Bruce Chesebrough of TPG Capital on the topic of of “Investing for Growth:  Options in Venture Capital and Private Equity.”

Karen DSilva moderated the next panel on “Driving Sales and Strengthening Your Brand Through Social Media.”  The packed house was treated to a lively discussion by Tyler Graham, Author and Twitter Specialist,  Sara Zucker of Nars Cosmetics, Patrick Lor from Dissolve and Andrew Fingerman with PhotoShelter.  From the non-stop questions, it was obvious that the attendees are well aware of the importance of social media and were learning some new skills to help them promote their brands. The panel was sponsored by PhotoShelter as well as the coffee cups we all carried around throughout the meeting.

On the subject of new technologies, Cirina Catania, filmmaker and photo-journalist with The Catania Group, moderated a panel entitled, “Advancements in Image Capture,” with panelists Evgeny Tchebotarev, CPO of; David Quinones, Owner & Chief Pilot, SkyCamUsa; and Scott Braut, VP of Content for Shutterstock. Delving into the technological present and with glimpses into the future, this panel got the audiences’s creative juices flowing and raised some significant issues pertaining to capturing and storing high resolution images and video files.  Everyone especially enjoyed the drone fly-around!

Craig PetersTuesday’s sessions began with, “Opening New Markets Through Image Embedding,” moderated by Robert Henson with Jan Ole Kjellesvig, Yay Images; Craig Peters, SVP Getty Images; and Scott Calder, President and CEO of Mainstream Data. This discussion covered technological and business model shifts that have occurred recently, particularly marked by Getty’s recent announcement that they are offering over 50 million images for free. Methods for streaming data enable companies to gather demographic information indicating who is searching, where they are located and what they are looking for, enabling us to better target our audiences. Scott Calder maintains that we have had a “permanently altered supply/demand relationship” with digital media driven in part by new cameras (including mobile phones), “seductive mobile internet devices,” and “social media hysteria,” all of which mean that embracing and understanding embedding is crucial to future success. 

“Buyer’s Panel - Fresh Perspectives,” led by moderator Leslie Hughes. Panelists included Daniella Nilva with Ogilvy & Mather, Mark Mayer of Moving Image and Content, Kaia Hemming from McCann and Greg Odom of Chermayeff & Geismar & Havi.  Daniella showed images and began her presentation with the fact that Ogilvy spends over $2 million per year in stock.  Each participant gave an inside view of their business model and provided insight as to what they required and what they did not want to see. A key issue of concern was the need for proper clearances.

The discussion of “Best Practices in Licensing Motion,” was moderated by Jessica Berman-Bogdan and featured Domenick Propati, COO of a UK agency that owns; Filmmaker Matt White, ACSIL; and Tom Bennett of Pond 5, that recently received $60million in venture funding.  The panelists showed custom-built delivery solutions and raised the every-growing issue of digitizing and cataloging video. This panel was sponsored by ACSIL. 

Further pursing the discussion of new technologies in image search and retrieval, Paul Melcher moderated a panel with Professor Serge Belonge, Cornell University; Professor Kai Barthel, University of Berlin with Pixolution; and Matthew Zeiler demonstrating Clarifai.  This session, entitled, “The Future of Image Search and Retrieval from Description to Decryption," gave attendees a rare sneak peak into the future of search with demonstrations of technologies under development at leading universities.

Our legal eagles from the United States and France participated in a panel moderated by PACA’s Legal Counsel, Nancy Wolff with attorneys Ann Katel-Martineau from France and Sylvie Fodor of CEPIC.  Google has emerged as the force to monitor and the panelists gave several examples of recent court cases in the EU.

From early morning to late at night, the flow of information and personal networking made this year’s PACA Conference the place to be.  See you next year and remember to bring lots of business cards.

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Sunday, October 19
  8:30 AM to
  3:00 PM
PACA Board Meeting Corbis Office
250 Hudson St, Fourth Floor
  3:30 PM to
  5:30 PM
6th International Association Leader's Meeting

Corbis Office
250 Hudson St, Fourth Floor

  7:00 PM to
10:00 PM
Meet and Greet

A casual meet and greet at Pete's Tavern. The first drink is on PACA and we'll be serving some light bar goodies. Drop by and say hello to your friends and meet a few new ones!

Pete's Tavern (
129 East 18th Street NY NY 10003

Monday, October 20 The Altman Building, 135 W. 18th St (between 6th and 7th Avenue)
  8:00 AM to
  9:00 AM
Breakfast and Registration
  9:00 AM Sarah Fix, PACA President

Welcoming Message

  9:20 AM Karen D'Silva

Introducing the DMLA Brand roll-out

  9:30 AM to
10:30 AM
Frank Fuchs, OSS Evangelist for Microsoft

Keynote: Copyright in the age of Big Data and the ever-evolving Internet—or Search Isn’t What You Think It Is.

In this session you will hear and learn how the ever-growing world of online, changed a world of countries and local laws into a global endeavor. With seemingly no rules to protect what was and is considered rightfully yours. There is—as of today no final right solution—that is fair for both ends.

But just because the changes the internet brought with it—much like the revolution of printing and moveable type—back in Gutenberg's time. We all have to find a way that makes sense for both ends.

It will take time to get there and only together we can and certainly will find a solution that benefits both sides.

It is a challenge for us as much as it is for you and only by partnering we will succeed. High quality imagery and video are getting more and more essential for time spent on sites—as they fulfill a very basic human desire of esthetic—which leads to more time spent on a given site—which is very important to keep users on your site. A good signal for any search engine—as I tells us the user found what she/he was looking for and if you will a way “back” in time in the world of marketing where just using the right keywords was and isn’t enough.

11:00 AM to
12:30 PM

Moderator: Rick Leckrone

• Laura Sachar, Starvest Partners
• John Frankel, ffVC
• Andy Yang,
• Bruce Chesebrough, TPG Capital

Investing for Growth: Options in Venture Capital and Private Equity

Access to capital is paramount for taking your business to the next level. Now more than ever venture capital firms and private equity groups are eager to invest in digital media licensing companies. Learn from our panel of seasoned investment professionals how to present your company to potential investors, identify investment partners well suited to your growth strategy, and how to close your first round of funding. 1 hour with 1/2 hour question period.

12:30 PM to
  2:00 PM
  2:00 PM to
  3:30 PM

Moderator: Karen DSilva

• Tyler Graham, Author & Twitter Specialist
• Patrick Lor, Dissolve
• Andrew Fingerman, PhotoShelter

Sponsored By: PhotoShelter

Driving Sales and Strengthening Brand Through Social Media

Marketing is an essential part to business today, and one of your most important marketing tools is social media. Like marketing in general, your social media campaign needs to echo your company's position and brand. Your social media voice needs to connect to your audience in an authentic and meaningful way. Your content must be carefully curated in order to engage and expand your company's branding to include an online presence.

Deciding what social media platforms will be most effective can be overwhelming. No longer is this job relegated to the intern. Each channel has a different primary audience with a different emphasis on their type of content. This panel is not your basic introduction to social media.

This panel of experts will be a discussion on integrating your business into a relevant social media strategy. The panelists will discuss their experiences in creating winning social media strategies and how they make various platforms work for their brands.

  4:00 PM to
  5:00 PM

Moderator: Cirina Catania

• Jimmy Olivero, SkyCamUsa
• Scott Braut, Shutterstock
• Evgeny Tchebotarev, 500px

Advancements In Image Capture

Join us as we explore the latest innovations in image capture and formats. From aerial drones to tricked out iPad media recorders and everything you'd ever want to know about the emerging 4K standard. Come discover new ways to economically capture still and footage from a completely new perspective.

  5:00 PM

Sarah Fix, What's going on with our association
Karen D'Silva, Marketing Committee
Leslie Hughes, Membership Committee
Doug Dawirs, PacaSearch
Nancy Wolff, Legal and By-law Changes

PACA Annual Meeting

  7:00 PM to
10:00 PM

Sponsored by Shutterstock

PACA Annual Party

Shutterstock's beautiful office on the 21st floor of the Empire State Building will provide the perfect backdrop for our yearly gathering! Some fun surprises including a photo booth where you will be able to print out your own photos and also email them/share a GIF via social channels!!

Shutterstock Offices
350 Fifth Avenue , 21st Floor, NY 10118


Tuesday, October 21 The Altman Building, 135 W. 18th St (between 6th and 7th Avenue)
  8:00 AM to
  9:00 AM
Breakfast and Registration
  9:00 AM to
10:00 AM

Moderator: Robert Henson

• Jan Ole Kjellesvig, YAY Images
• Craig Peters, Getty Images
• Scott Calder, Mainstream Data

Opening New Markets Through Image Embedding

Big changes occurred recently when Getty Images announced that 50 million of their images would be available for free via an embed tool. More than 6 months later, Jonathan Klein mentioned that they were getting 5 Million embed views a day on 60,000 different websites. While offering embed images is not new, it has seen an incredible explosion since we last met. We brought together executives from companies that have a current offering of embedded images so that they can share some of their experience and tell us more about the how, the why and the when.

10:30 AM to
11:30 AM

Moderator: Leslie Hughes

• Greg Odom, Chermayeff & Geismar & Haviv
• Mark Mayer, Moving Image & Content
• Sara Zucke, Nars Cosmetics
• Daniella Nilva, Ogilvy & Mather

Buyer’s Panel: Fresh Perspectives

Hearing from creative professionals is always interesting and valuable. This year's client panel will be no exception. Join us for a lively discussion about content, content licensing, likes and dislikes; needs and wants; and where these creative professionals see the use of stock images going in the future. Our panel is prepared to talk openly about how they and their teams feel about stock—the good, the bad and the ugly. And, their top wishes from their stock agency partners.

11:30 AM to
12:30 PM

Moderator: Jessica Berman-Bogdan

• Clara Fon Sing, NBC Universal News Archive
• Domenick Propati,
• Matt White, ACSIL
• Tom Bennett, Pond 5

Sponsored By: ACSIL

Best Practices in Licensing Motion

A panel on best practices in licensing motion will be presented and sponsored by ACSIL. What's hot, what's not and how does motion differ from other licensing models?

12:30 PM to
  2:00 PM
  2:00 PM to
  3:00 PM

Moderator: Paul Melcher

• Prof. Serge Belongie, Cornell University
• Prof. Kai Barthel, Univ. of Berlin
• Matthew Zeiler, Clarifal

The Future of Image Search and Retrieval

From description to decryption.

The future of photography lies within the photographs themselves. Up to now, we have been satisfied by describing content via sets of keywords and worded description. But, advances in computer technology and algorithm are offering a glimpse into what happens when computers start understanding images as precisely as text. We have brought together a panel of researchers, all from Academia, to talk about the present and future of image intelligence.

  3:30 PM to
  4:30 PM

Moderator: Nancy Wolff, PACA Counsel

• Ann Katel-Martineau, French Attorney
• Sylvie Fodor, CEPIC

What's Hot in Copyright, From the EU to the US

A legal session with French Attorney, Ann Katel-Martineau and our counsel Nancy Wolff will include information on the current status of the lawsuits in the European Union vs. Google and the latest in the Copyright Office's inquiries into changes in the copyright law.

  7:00 PM to
10:00 PM

Sponsored by Blend Images, 500px Prime, Agency Access, Cavan Images, Deposit Photos, SuperStock and the International Center of Photography Museum.

PACA Networking Reception

Tuesday night will be an exciting new event! PACA and sponsors Blend Images, 500px Prime, Agency Access, Cavan Images, Deposit Photos, SuperStock and ICP, will be hosting a PACA Networking Reception at the International Center of Photography Museum. The Sebastião Salgado: Genesis exhibit at the museum and we will be bringing together conference attendees, buyers and photographers for an evening of networking and socializing. This will truly be a one-of-a-kind event that you'll want to be part of. Let's kick off Visual Connections with a great party!!

International Center of Photography Museum
1133 Avenue of the Americas at 43rd Street, New York, NY 10036

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